Ed Sheeran – A masterclass in Living by Design

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Ed Sheeran

How focused are you?

He’s talented, sure he’s talented BUT his talent hasn’t come out of nowhere, he hasn’t one day decided to pick up a guitar and Galway Girl came out.  No, Ed Sheeran is a living masterclass in creating life by design.

I’ve been listening to Desert Island Discs this morning.  Sheeran was the guest and it struck me as I listened that at 27 he really is one of the wisest souls I’ve come across.  Since discovering music and song writing he knew that this is what he wanted to do.  He set his goals (100,000 albums and gigging in Shepherds Bush Empire) and he went for it.  Along the way he did a number of things that most of us could learn from.

  1. He mastered his craft but knows that he is always learning.
  2. He persevered even when things weren’t lining up for him.  He kept going, couch surfing around London and doing innumerable singer-songwriter nights.  He worked hard at it, gigging every night and writing literally 100s of songs.
  3. When that wasn’t working he changed up what he was doing, he went to LA and started gigging in the poet, rapper space where he stood out more.  AND he learnt some awesome rapping skills.
  4. In doing this, he stepped way out of his comfort zone and took risks that no one else was taking.  He stepped into the fear.
  5. He took the risk of being himself even when he’d been rejected for doing just that.  None of us will fully succeed if we’re pretending to be someone else.
  6. He embraced new media and knew that he could build a cult of personality around himself.
  7. He gave stuff away to get his name out there.

So it’s no accident that 10 years after he first picked up a guitar, he’s playing in front of the queen at her golden jubilee.  It’s no accident that he has 12 million followers on twitter or that he’s the 2nd biggest selling artist in the world.  Sure he’s talented, but talent takes hard work, commitment and most of all FOCUS……. And there’s no doubt that Ed Sheeran has lived a life focused on achieving his dreams.

What are you focusing on?  What happens when you hit a roadblock?  Do you keep going, or do you give up too easily?

Clearly Ed Sheeran is driven and also has the benefit of very supportive parents, particularly his dad who seems to understand what keeps him motivated.  All of us have the capacity to drive ourselves forward but often it helps if there are others holding you accountable too.  Do you have a coach or a business buddy who holds you to your word?  What happens when you fall short of your promises to yourself?  How does that make you feel?

If you feel you haven’t got the focus your need or the plan to bring it all together, you might like to join my group Dream Weave Achievers on Facebook.


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