How can I help you?

Just a little bit about me:

My name is Fiona Cooper, I’ve spent years in the corporate world working out how to get noticed and get the promotions I wanted. I believe that we all have gifts to share and that by tapping into our passions we can create amazing lives for ourselves. Too many of us feel trapped in the job and the life we are living but it needn’t be that way. By taking charge of your life you can create significant and lasting change, get the promotions you deserve and really skyrocket your career and your life. I firmly believe that we can all live life on our own terms whatever our circumstances.

I help professionals like you to define their “best case” career and then create it for themselves. I speak to so many women who feel stuck, who know that there has to be something better than turning up to endless, useless meetings which achieve nothing! If this is you, then I can help you redefine your beliefs and your reality so that you can create a career and life that looks much more like the one you imagined in the first place!

I have an MBA from one of the top UK schools and I’ve been working online for over 10 years. I built my first website in 1996! I’m qualified as an NLP Advanced Practitioner, a member of the Professional Speakers Association, a mountain biker and an avid fan of performing improvised comedy. My mission is to empower women to step up so that we can create change from within – thereby enabling both men and women to live better lives while doing amazing things at work.

“What more can I say, Fiona is funny, refreshingly liberating and makes me feel comfortable to try new ideas.” Ali

“Feel the fear and do it anyway”

Simon Sinek (amongst others!)


I love seeing people have gobsmacking realisations about what has been holding them back. There is nothing better than helping people break through their barriers and find their wings. It’s amazing the stories we tell ourselves, many of these come from way back in our childhoods and should no longer be relevant…… but often they are the very thing which is stopping us. I can help you discover your stories and change them up for stories which will empower you to take your life into your own hands and move forwards with conviction.


“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.”

Steve Jobs

“Fiona just “gets it”. She is creative and visionary, passionate about what she does. I cannot recommend her highly enough.” Debbie

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    If you really want to sky rocket your potential then I’m the coach for you. I put you at the centre of my coaching so that we work to achieve exactly what you want. We’ll work together to find what REALLY makes you tick, make sure you’re doing it and create your ideal life plan. Often we’ll stray into creating an amazing personal life too…. and that is (most definitely) OK! NB if you’re looking for a shoulder to cry on or a friendly chat then I’m probably not the right match for you. If you’re willing to confront your fears, push on through the really tricky realisations and find your version of AWESOME then we should talk. You can book a Breakthrough session at this link. . In my coaching I use a mix of neurolinguistic programming, my wealth of experience, motivational interviewing and a dash of improvised comedy – but don’t worry, under no circumstances will I be making you take to the stage and be funny! Coaching sessions with me are fun, challenging and in every session I aim to help you move forward in great strides.

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    Get Noticed

    To get noticed you’ll need to be great at telling people about yourself. I help women find their expertise, find their voice and get clear on their message so that they are confident and able to tell their story, inspire their people and become visible to those at the top. I firmly believe that becoming good at public speaking is an integral part of the picture and not an optional add on.

“Fiona is a positive thinker who grasps complexity with an open mind. She is genuine and not afraid to debate issues with a view to getting under the skin and finding solutions. Fiona adds great value.” Angela

To find out more about how I can help you create an inspiring mindset, get motivated and start taking positive action towards the life you deserve, just click the button on the right and book a 30 minute FREE Breakthrough Session.